Date: 2014-01-31 01:51 am (UTC)
She spins to see who is addressing her. It only takes a moment for her to play connect the dots in her head, and my smile only grows.

"I felt that it was for the best we part ways, our relationship was unhealthy," I growl out though my feral smile. Call me sentimental, but I always enjoyed the witty banter before two people try to rip one another apart. I shift my shape to one of my human ones, the one of the school-teacher, but not as human as it could be. I keep my true nature close to the surface, forming a sword ( to wield from the hell-fire flowing from my hand. "Remember me now?"

"I won't let you get to them."

I have no real desire to stop the turning of the tides, but I cannot tell her that. Bow my head a little in salute to her. "I would expect nothing less. But still, try I must. My Lord commands me. Now, let's dance, you and I."

And with a wink, I lunge at her hard, aiming for her throat. She deflects me easily enough, and we begin to attack in earnest.
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