Date: 2014-01-26 03:04 pm (UTC)
The rain plasters my hair to my forehead and soaks through my dress. I know that my shoes must be muddy, but instead I feel clean. Even though it is autumn, there is something of spring in this rain, with each drop making everything grow and renew itself

The touch of another hand on mine calls me back to my body, making me feel something beyond magic and rain and divinity. It is Mab

Her power is another thread that adds to the great weave we have created - I can pick it out of the group now that Mab is touching me. It is a strong bright line, with a hint of a glittering spark to it, and something akin to a sunrise in the way that it grows brighter with every passing moment, leaving the darkness of pain behind.

Yes, this is the Mab I know. This is Mab as she truly is, and truly should be.

"What next?" she asks.

I smile through the rain. "Hold on," I tell her, my hand grasping hers tightly. "It is working, but we must keep the bridge in place. The longer the rain lasts, the more people it will touch, and the more strength it will give the spell."
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