Date: 2014-01-26 06:48 am (UTC)
I know that the sound is really thunder, but in my head, it is a bell. Tolling over and over again, calling me out to the River.

Even before the storm started, there was a crackle of power in the air. Enough to start the dull ache in my head and tell me that it was sure to start soon. My rounds lately have had an air of finality to them, and now the moment we've been preparing for these last few months- years really- is here.
I take the long way there, nodding to those who feel the pull or know that they can help. Waving others back into their houses. Telling them to stay safe, to stay inside until it all blows over. I'm sure some people have figured out what's happening, but they mostly do as I ask. A few thank me, and it seem so sincere- one of the girls who helps at the Miskatonic now actually hugs me before she runs inside.

Finally make it to the riverbank and stand near Hermia while she works- my friend has grown so much since she started down this path, and it's pretty damn inspiring to watch. Feel the circle she casts and I concentrate on that and push what strength I can toward those Working. Nanshe wasn't my godess, but I've served Excolo, and so I've served her all the same. It seems right to be here.
Feel it when the rain changes from pelting down and soaking striaght to my bones to something cleaner. Something refreshing. Suddenly it's like a veil has been lifted and everything seems sharper, clearer than it has in ages.

I step forward now and offer Hermia my hand, "What next?"
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