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Somewhere in the Dark Forest

I don't know where I am.

I've been wandering around this forest for what seems like forever. Can't find my way out, and no matter how many times I stop to wipe them off, my hands are covered in blood from the wound on my side. The flow's mostly stopped, but it keeps trickling. Gonna need stitches once I get back to Town.

there's something inside of me- trying to break free
can't hold it in anymore

I would've brought Sagert back with me.
But the ground ate him.
I couldn't stop it.

so much more convenient without the body

Maybe Glass'll come back with me. Maybe she can put him to rest from outside the forest.

it's better if no one else comes in here
no one else sees...

It was right to do it.
Justice had to be passed.

Lady, i can hear them
hear them drowning your words out

He was bad.
I had to do it before he hurt anyone again.


but it felt so fucking good
felt so fucking right
this is what i was made for

i can hear a woman screaming
i scream with her.

and i run
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