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Thursday, May 6th, late afternoon
Main Street

School was okay today because Trina wasn't there. And Daniel was back from being sick and he moved his seat so he was right next to me so I could look at him the whole day! But I'm still glad it's over so I can go outside again.

But now I'm bored! Daddy's working and so is Miao and just about everybody, and Kitty's out wandering or hunting or something, and I don't want to do homework yet.

Where should I go?

Maybe I'll go visit Miss Wanda at the tea shop? I don't know. It's fun to visit, but I kind of don't want to talk to Miss Wanda right now 'cause I don't want to make her feel bad even though I have to tell her sometime that there's something wrong with the baby. It's sad because the baby is really cute and I like playing with her! And Miss Wanda was so nice to help out with my birthday party, too! She had enough fairy wings for everyone to wear.

No! I'll go visit Sparkle instead! I know I can't ride her without someone to watch me, but I can talk to her and braid her mane. I think I have some ribbons in my schoolbag left over from the last time I visited. I hope they let me visit her...

[Open to Dana, Cece, and Mab]

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