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Friday, February 19th Mid-Morning
Day 264
Town Hall

I've been doing a lot of reading the past few weeks. First it was all about strange things. Magical things. Supernatural things.
And then I got picked as Judge. They all said how calm I was, how patient. How fair minded I can be. Except Toby who said, "None of them want to do it, and you were the last one elected. Short straw, my friend." At least he's honest.
I haven't felt very fair, or patient, or calm lately, but what else can I do? Toby's right about why, but its part of the job. And if I have to do it, then I have to do it right. Not just for the man I'm judging, but for the town. And all I can do is hope that I never am called on to judge again.

So I've taken it very seriously. When people have tried to gossip to me about him, I've been polite, but said no. Walked away so that I'd have some clarity. I mean, you can only be so impartial about a fellow who there was a riot about, but I'm trying. And that's what the books say: that the best judges and juries decide based on what the evidence tells them, not on how they feel about the defendant.

This morning I took great care with my appearance- a man's life literally is in my hands. I want to look presentable. Made sure I arrived at the Hall ahead of schedule. My hands are steady and my face is set. Soon the rest of the Council and the others who'll act as jury arrive. Then the Sheriff, her office and their prisoner.

Time to begin.

{Open to those at the Trial}
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