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Two years later
At The Dormouse

Bin a busy day 'ere. Sunshiney sort o'day, so we put out tables an' chairs on the street. Really drew people in, so we'll prob'ly keep doin' it.

"Might need a permit," grumbled Faith, an' I smiled.

"Good thing'm married to the mayor, then," I said.

Still enjoyin' runnin' the tea shop. Feels like ours, now, not Miss Wanda's. Got a letter from 'er a while back. 'Ad a postcard of the new place she's livin'. Card took ages to get 'ere, think she sent it months ago. Ain't like there's a regular system. But it reached us, an' Faith 'eld my 'and so I could see it. The coast. Stroke a picture of the wave with my finger an' smile. Glad she's 'appy an' safe. Wonder what our Genny's up to, an' all the rest. 'Ear from them from time to time, but don't reckon the carnival'll ever be back 'ere, an' I don't blame 'em. 'Ope Nu's growin' up strong. So strange to think she was born jus' six months before my little girl.

Joy's such a good little thing. Toddles about in the shop, but 'ardly ever cries or frets. She is a joy to all of us, an' with me an' Faith's names, seemed good to 'ave another virtue. 'Cept to me she feels more like a blessin'.

Gettin' ready to close up now. Faith clears up, then kisses me goodbye cos she's off on a date. Been on a few dates with the same person. Might even be serious. I'd like that for 'er, though I don't dare bring it up. Use my cane to tap my way over to the door, then feel for the sign an' turn it over t'CLOSED. Sit down at a table to drink a cup o'tea before 'eadin' 'ome. Joy clambers up into my lap an' starts describin' 'er cookie t'me. Learned early that she's got to tell me 'ow things look, an' she's already talkin' a lot. Kiss the top of 'er 'ead an' smile. 'S good to feel at 'ome. Edmund should be leavin' the office soon to walk me back, an' I've got some news for 'im.

[Open to Edmund]

Date: 2014-01-31 05:24 pm (UTC)
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Days when I can leave my office on time are to be treasured. And this is one of them. I like to leave myself extra time to walk thru town to meet Hope so that folks who want a word with me can have one without making me late. Only had a couple today, so by the time I get there, Hope's not quite done with her tea. Perfect timing.

The bell jingles over my head as I step in, "Hello ladies," the door barely closes before Joy is tumbling down and over to me. Scoop her up and give her a kiss as I make my way over to her mother to do the same, "How was your day, Sweetheart?"

Date: 2014-01-31 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] edmund-white.livejournal.com
Pull the chair around so I can sit closer to her, then plop Joy on my lap as she gives me her daily report. Even now I'm constantly amazed that this is my wife, and my daughter. A real case of not knowing what I wanted until I had it, "Not too bad at all. The weather is beautiful today. Sun shining and fluffy clouds do not make a day for complaining. Now overcast- that's when it gets bad."

Lean in closer to Hope as Joy keeps going, "She's starting to talk like your sister- not that sounds like her. But right now she's making the same face as when Faith's telling a story."

Date: 2014-01-31 11:17 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I laugh, cos I can just imagine it.

"'Ope she don't inherit 'er aunt's manners," I say, smilin'.

"Faith!" says Joy, an' I reach over an' tickle 'er.

"That's right, luvvy, that's your auntie, an' she loves you very much."

Edmund looks after our daughter as I make sure I've got my things, an' then we go out into the warm evenin', give Joy 'er supper an' put 'er to bed.

"Yer a good dad, Edmund," I say, an' take a breath. "An' it's a good thing, cos - yer goin' t'be again."

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